We are retiring our WordPress site.

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We will be posting our updates on our internal blog located here:  http://www.pakcafan.org/forums/index.php?app=blog&module=display&section=blog&blogid=9


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What a weekend of adventure and fun.   Everyone started to settle in to their chosen classes and explore the world.  We got spammed with tells for invites, it was all worth it.  We sit at close to  60 members currently from in house without actively recruiting!!!   Thanks everyone for your patience while there are / were guild invite problems.  And I still can’t receive in-game mail…. fun times.

We had a busy weekend!   We finished our guild emblem research and some of us explored our first dungeon!

We came, we saw, we kicked the Kings Ass!  Story mode Ascalonian Catabombs is DOWN!

Great job on the influence building and working to knock out some of the early Guild Upgrades.  Through everyone in the guilds efforts we are just a day away from getting the Guild Bank.  Thank you to everyone for your patience as we still have some bugs  to be squashed in the opening of GW2!

The king has been defeated!

Darkhaven will be the Official Server of Pak’Cafan.

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Pak’Cafan will be heading into Tyria on the Darkhaven Server.  With just over a week away we are very excited for the highly anticipated launch of GW2.  See you there!!!



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Soon we will be battling through Tyria and helping it citizens.  Engaging in mortal combat for world domination!   We are only a couple weeks away from launch and I couldn’t be more excited.  It’s been a busy last couple of months preparing the Pak for our latest Shard and I look forward to a smooth release!

-Wootuz / Lurko

Guild Leader of Guild Wars 2 Pak’Cafan Shard.



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We got to sink our teeth into GW2 again.  Trying different classes and having a great time. We also finished our Guild Armor Emblem research!  They more I play, the more I can’t wait for release!


Beta Weekend Success!

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We had allot of fun over the beta weekend.  Learned about many aspects of the game and had a blast.  The major complaint is waiting until the next BWE to play the game some more!  Thanks to everyone that participated!  Be sure to check out the forums for thoughts and feedback on the first BWE!!

Beta Weekend 4/27 – 4/29

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Pak’cafan will be rolling on the Eternal Grove  server for this beta weekend! Join us for some fun and hope to see everyone new and old there!